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Since 1921 handicrafts made in Italy

Sordelli Franco s.r.l.  sink their roots back in 1921 when Amleto Sordelli, Enrico Hintermann and Cesare Gandini established  “Sordelli SpA”  firm  in the forefront  of plastic material production and processing.

In 1947 Sordelli SpA became leader in plastic handmade and semi- manufactured articles sector.

In 1972 new horizons opened with the new born “Franco Sordelli” specialized in manufacturing and selling of Sunglasses.

From that moment on, all efforts of the firm are for asserting themselves on the market through innovation, research, quality, styling of all their products paying a particular attention to details and to raw materials choice.

Thanks to the activity developped by 4 excellent generations, this family firm succeeded in being successful, gaining a solid position also on the international market.

Sunglasses and corrective glasses production is based, besides advanced industrial solutions, on a steady research for obtaining best results, availing themselves of great experience designers cooperation in the sector, joining thus to the advanced technology, the Italian style, so appreciated all over the world.

Sordelli Franco s.r.l. keep their eyes open also towards eco-tenably; as a matter of fact,in these years, they invested resources into photovoltaic in order to produce with clean energy, with total advantage towards environment.